Drink’n’Draw, Opening @ REM Artspace [her ARTic impression]


The first exhibition and opening of the new R.E.M (Rabbit Eye Movement) artspace on 6.12. in Vienna was a great success – especially in terms of the large attendance. It seemed as if all the urban/street art/graffiti scene and onlookers of Vienna came together to one point to enjoy the literally warm and cuddly atmosphere in the new artspace.


I followed this project since a little while to have a better insight at the whole R.E.M concept and of course the Drink’n’Draw process itself.

The idea:  „The RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT wants their new Art Space to be a platform in Vienna for local and international urban and graffiti artists. Their ambition is to give graffiti illustration the same level of recognition within the art scene as it does in cities like London, New York and Paris.“

„(…) it will be more than a gallery; it will be a meeting point where in addition to exhibitions, all kinds of events such as concerts and art festivals will be held. As well as organizing events, REM wants to mediate between artists and clients.“


Sounds good to me. I wanted to take a closer look on that idea and visited the artists during their Drink’n’Draw days.

The whole crew including THE WEIRD, JUKEBOX COWBOYS , LORDS, SOBEKCIS, MICHAEL HACKER, FLYING FORTRESS (unfortunately with zero female-artist-power), was sitting around a huge table drinking and drawing around the clock. To tell you the truth, I was really amazed by their constant concentration in drawing and drinking.

Considering this effect the output seemed pretty astonishing and the artwork itself much more authentic if you had an idea of the story behind it. I hope there will be a catalogue or short film published soon, as in the vernissage itself there were not much traces shown of the process – one essential point I missed.


The space itself has great potential to become a meeting point for artists all around the world who want to get to know Vienna and have some great collaborations with local and international artists, as give people a better insight into and appreciation for street/urban art and graffiti.

I am definitely looking forward to the next events and hope that the R.E.M artspace will become another internationally known and valued street art platform. So let’s see, time will tell. Anyway, stay tuned on artpjf.com about next events at R.E.M artspace. See you soon!

Photos by Dimitri Aschwanden






For more photos check artpjf on fb

Opening hours of the art space till christmas: mo-fr 12:00- 19:00, sat 12:00-17:00 @ Gumpendorferstraße 91

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