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back from the dead

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Sorry für mein so plötzliches Abtauchen. Der 2-monatige Anblick dieser Weihnachts- und Neujahrswünsche gefiel mir ebenso wenig; hier also nur ein kurzes aufklärerisches Statement.

Ich mach ’n bisschen Blog- aka Kunst-Pause. Ich weiß nicht wie lange es dauern wird. Die letzten zwei Monate waren eine etwas steinige Zeit und mit wenig enthusiastischen Gefühlen zur Kunst verbunden. Um nicht eine völlige Abneigung demgegenüber zu entwickeln, habe ich mich der Kunst distanziert, um vielleicht so etwas wie neue Denkschienen zu entwickeln. Meine passive Lage wird nicht ewig halten – es geht bald weiter.

Liebe Grüße,

Eure PJ

Merry Christmas & Happy 2013 everyone!


PERFEKT WORLD „Jesus Christ Super Sale“ @ PERFEKT BOX, MQ


„The present age prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, fancy to reality, the appearance to the essence… for in these days illusion only is sacred, truth profane.“ – Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

In time for the final stretch of the Christmas shopping madness PERFEKT WORLD put on their first group exhibition in their new contemporary space PERFEKT BOX at the MQ in Vienna.

An exhibition, a Christmas market, a holy spirited special offer – „Jesus Christ Super Sale“ is an examination of the cultural and commercial phenomenon of Christmas and how it has gone from religious tradition to a celebration of commerce. 10 artists visualize their positions in the form of buyable objects

Artists: Boicut + Zwupp! //  Die Luntisten // Wald & Schwert // Lumpenpack + Mafia // Paul Busk // PERFEKT WORLD // Tobias Held + Michael Tripold (Atzgerei) // Soybot // Nize // Josef Wurm

her ARTic impression:
As usual the art collective PERFEKT WORLD suprises with it’s special kind of criticism and humor by provoking their audience with a mixture of sarcasm and trashy pop-cultural banality. It seems as if they are laughing at this whole Christmas shopping madness by turning the exhibition into a christmas art market itself and at the same time managing to show the biggest spacial and artistic potential with a variety of local artists in this little box.
The exhibition runs till 23.12.2012. Make sure to check it out!

Photos by Dimitri Aschwanden. More on artpjf fb album.

artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-1  artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-3        artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-11

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artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-10       artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-25   artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-28

artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-36      artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-43     artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-48  artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-50    artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-55    artpjf_perfektworld@mq_19122012_dimitri-59



In the last days I was looking for some art to completely jump into it, feel the immersion and leave all (sometimes stupid and senseless) words and theory behind, to which I’m surrounded on almost daily basis. I found this beautiful piece of art from french media artist David Letellier called „Caten“. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it in real life, but it amazed me straight away. You can find the description of the artwork on his website and have a look at his other works which are absolutely worth seeing/understanding.

Created for the Saint Sauveur chapel in Caen, Caten is a levitating sculpture, determined by gravity and guiding the evolution of a sound composition.
300 fine wires suspended from two ropes, connected themselves at each end to a slowly rotating arm, form an evanescent surface which interacts with the architecture.
By a symbolic mirror effect, the curves of the wires, created by the gravitational force, reflect the shapes of the church arches. Caten opposes the ephemeral to the eternal, the movement to the static, and produce a tension between the lightness and the millenary stability of the space.
The sound composition is inspired by the medieval solmisation prayers, especially the first verse of „Ut Queant Laxis“, also known as the „hymn to St John the Baptist“, used in the eleventh century to determine the names of the notes of the scale used in latin countries.
At each turn, the engines emit one of the first 4 notes of the scale (Ut, Re, Mi, Fa), creating a sequence of intervals, constantly reconfigured. Low frequencies resonate in the space and emphazise the transcendental character of a place once dedicated to faith.
The name is derived from the term catenary, which describes the plane curve formed by a rope hanging between two points.

Critique d’art


Gabriel Cornelius von Max (1840-1915), Affen als Kunstrichter, 1889