Untitled (Memory is your image of perfection)

Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Memory is your image of perfection)


Summer in Monaco + France

My little au pair kid in front of a Marc Quinn @ Musée Océanographique in Monaco. I swear I didn’t let her pose! Anyway, I’m happy to refresh my french again as well as some old childhood memories. And of course, I’ve tryed to check out the contemporary art scene in Monaco. Article about the exhibition Extra Large @ Grimaldi Forum (in cooperation with Centre Pompidou) coming up.

TATE Gallery of Lost Art

The Gallery of Lost Art ist eine online Ausstellung, die die Geschichten verschollener Kunstwerke aufdeckt. Begonnen am 2. Juli 2012 zeigt die einjährige virtuelle Galerie einige der wichtigsten Werke der letzten 100 Jahre von mehr als 40 Künstlern der Moderne u.a. von Marcel Duchamp, Joan Miró, Willem de Kooning oder Tracey Emin.

Kuratiert von Tate und entworfen von ISO Studios erforscht die Online Galerie die moderne Kunstgeschichte aus einem völlig neuen Blickwinkel.  Abseits der musealen Sammlung der Institutionen existieren die verschwundenen Kunstwerke lediglich im virtuellen Raum, präsentiert durch erhaltene Fotografien, oftmals nicht in bester, wie heutzutage sonst gewohnter, Qualität.

Ein interessantes Projekt mit genügend Platz für Interaktionen und Diskussionen.


Curbs & Stoops & Rhythmology have they first pop-up exhibition in New York – “Las Noticias,” (The news in Spanish), a solo exhibition by Mexican-American artist, Francisco Moreno. Curated by lovely art accesible missionary Jeffrey Pena (interview with artpjf).

In his paintings, murals and installations Moreno explores notions of American identity and iconography. He uses a graphic language of black and white camouflage as a metaphor for assimilation into foreign environments and foreign conditions. Throughout his work, Moreno considers the process of assimilation for immigrants as they contemplate immersion into American culture.

The artist shares, “I want to examine the images, reality, or sheer absurdity of what America considers news. A headline attempts to capture how we function in society now.” No catastrophy falls out of the realm of representation.

Opening Friday July 20, Avenue Westbury NY. For more info visit curbsandstoops.com.

Critique d’art


Gabriel Cornelius von Max (1840-1915), Affen als Kunstrichter, 1889

Richard Serra, Interviews, Etc., 1970-1980


“Sensibility is inclusive and precedes analytic awareness”- anonymous


In San Francisco they, „Flash on it.“

Is Modern Finance Ruining Modern Art?

Illustration by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Very interesting article about finance and art by Marc C. Taylor (philosopher of religion and cultural critic):

„Art and money have always been inseparable. As Andy Warhol declared almost four decades ago, “Business art is the step that comes after Art.” During the past several decades, however, this relationship has been transformed by the appearance of a new form of capitalism: finance capitalism.

In previous forms of capitalism — agricultural, industrial and consumer — people made money by buying and selling labor and material goods; in finance capitalism, by contrast, wealth is created by circulating signs backed by nothing other than other signs. When investment becomes more speculative, the rate of circulation accelerates and the floating signifiers, which now constitute wealth, proliferate. (…) “

continue reading: bloomberg.com