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REM Artspace Opening 6.12. – Drink’n’Draw

REM Drink'n'Draw

RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT (REM), a collective of Vienna-based creatives, is kicking off their opening event on Thursday December 6th with their first exhibition entitled “DRINK’N DRAW 2012”. The opening ceremony will take place in their brand-new REM Art Space located in the heart of Vienna with an exhibition national and international urban illustration artists like:



With this opening event REM wants to think outside of the box. A week before the official opening 30 European urban illustration Artists will get together in the REM Art Space to have some drinks, create artworks together and exhibit them at the official REM opening.

The RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT wants their new Art Space to be a platform in Vienna for local and international urban and graffiti artists. Their ambition is to give graffiti illustration the same level of recognition within the art scene as it does in cities like London, New York and Paris.

The REM Gallery is located in the heart of Vienna. It will be a place where art is both made and exhibited. The REM movement of urban artists is active all around the globe. National and international graffiti artists – many with a background in illustration – will be invited to show their work in the REM Art Space. Yet it will be more than a gallery; it will be a meeting point where in addition to exhibitions, all kinds of events such as concerts and art festivals will be held. As well as organizing events, REM wants to mediate between artists and clients.

Watch the video  of 2012’s flashback of  The Weird, The Lords, Sobekcis and Jukebox Cowboys collaborating on walls all around the world.

See you on Thursday!